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Welcome to the PEMcast, conversations and stories for the culturally curious.

PEM launched the PEMcast in 2014 to connect stories from our staff and collection to the growing audience of podcast listeners. The audio storytelling renaissance has millions of people listening to news, interviews and entertaining audio shows as they jog, cook and commute.

Producers and hosts Chip Van Dyke and Dinah Cardin are committed to creating high-quality, thought-provoking storytelling.

PEM won a Silver Muse Award from the American Alliance of Museums for our podcast series. The judges commended us on conveying the warmth and vibrant curiosity of PEM's staff, while linking the museum and our offerings to broader cultural issues.

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PEMcast 008.3: The Crushers

This episode of the PEMcast finishes our three part Historic House Crush series. It features a story about historic house crusher, Karina Waters . Karina is one crusher whose great vision for a crumbling chateau in the French Pyrenees has taken her love of historic architecture to the next level.

PEMcast 008.2: Building Stories

The second of three episodes in promotion of our #historichousecrush campaign!

In this episode, we talk with people who are pushing the envelope — to use a building term — on presenting historic houses to the public. They're changing the way these houses are run and the way we experience them.

PEMcast 008.1: Historic House Crush

In this episode, we explore how almost exactly 50 years ago, Salem was saved from the wrecking ball thanks to one woman and her mighty pen. This is the first in a series of episodes we're producing about historic buildings around the world and the stories they tell. We're also relaunching our online campaign #HistoricHouseCrush. Join us!

Transcript of Episode 008.1

PEMcast 007: Blue & White Magic

Porzellankrankheit is a German term that means "porcelain sickness." It describes the obsessive behavior of a person smitten by porcelain's mysterious beauty. On this episode, we meet with some people who are very obviously obsessed with the blue and white magic of Chinese porcelain.

PEMcast 006: Getting Outside

In this episode Chip and Dinah celebrate PEM's current public art initiative. We look at three artists and three 2015 exhibitions that took us outdoors and beyond our walls. Stickwork: Patrick Dougherty, Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen and Branching Out: Trees as Art in the Art & Nature Center all led us into the fresh air.

PEMcast 005: Epic America

We examine the life of one of America's most famous 20th-century artists, who you may not have even heard of. We recently surveyed museum-goers about Thomas Hart Benton. Only a quarter knew who he was. We set out to change this … starting behind the scenes as the exhibition American Epics: Thomas Hart Benton and Hollywood is being installed, before embarking on an audio journey that spans from Martha's Vineyard to Hollywood. We explore the life and legacy of a man who loved travel, old world artistic techniques and the movies.

Transcript of Episode 005

PEMcast 004: Good as Gould

Picture Salem in the 1700s, at the dawn of the American Revolution. It's a city bustling with trade, politics and commerce. With this backdrop, a talented craftsman creates fine furniture for his wealthy patrons. Discover the hidden legacy of Salem's own Nathaniel Gould with furniture maker Phil Lowe and collector Tim Leavy.

Transcript of Episode 004

PEMcast 003: Growing Up Curious

Are you, or were you a curious kid? Do museums fuel your curiosity? Chip and Dinah talk with a 3-year-old who visits PEM daily. Then, the founder of Kids in Museums in the UK explains how her organization helps make museums more family friendly. Finally, PEM's own Paula Richter recalls her summer of living history at Sturbridge Village and how that set her on a career path for the culturally curious.

Transcript of Episode 003

PEMcast 002: Makers

Are you a Maker? Do you know what a Maker is? Dinah and Chip discuss Adam Savage's "Rules of Making" with Edie Shimel, who heads up the PEM Maker Lounge. Then, PEM's Curator of the Present Tense Trevor Smith talks about PEM's upcoming exhibition featuring Maker-extraordinaire Theo Jansen and his Strandbeests.

Transcript of Episode 002

PEMcast 001: Music

PEMcast 001 is all about music. We look at the story of the most famous musician in Greek myth, Orpheus. PEM Composer-in-Residence Matthew Aucoin explores the myth of Orpheus and his fateful journey to the underworld. From there we head to France to explore Jean Cocteau's Orphic trilogy and then back to Salem for some of PEM's most memorable audio moments.