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Salem Film Fest at PEM

Adults $13, PEM members, seniors and students $11

Friday, March 3, 2017

Location: Morse Auditorium

Salem Film Fest at PEM

Celebrating its 10th year, Salem Film Fest is one of New England's largest documentary film festivals and presents a diverse collection of the year's best work from all over the world.

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Noon | The Day the Sun Fell

To learn more about her deceased grandfather's work as a Red Cross doctor after the 1945 Hiroshima bombing, a Swiss-Japanese filmmaker interviews a surviving doctor and former nurses. By eerie coincidence, the Fukushima nuclear disaster strikes during the filming. 2015, 90 minutes, directed by Aya Domenig.

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2:30 pm | Wrestling Alligators

James E. Billie, alligator wrestler, Vietnam veteran, Grammy-nominated singer and community leader, is the controversial man at the center of the gaming revolution that raised his Seminole Tribe of Florida from welfare subsistence to tremendous wealth. 2016, 90 minutes, directed by Andrew Shea.

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5:15 pm | Maurizio Cattelan: Be Right Back

The Italian puckish conceptual-art superstar Maurizio Cattelan is as elusive as he is provocative. 2016, 94 minutes, directed by Maura Axelrod.

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8:10 pm | Tickling Giants

In the throes of the Egyptian Arab Spring, Bassem Youssef abandons his career as a heart surgeon to create a weekly television program modeled after Jon Stewart's The Daily Show. 2016, 111 minutes, directed by Sara Taksler.

Q&A with filmmaker follows.

Tickets available at the PEM Admissions Desk

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