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Beer + Chocolate = Food of the Gods

Beer and Chocolate Tasting


Members $55, nonmembers $65

Thursday, July 8, 2010 from 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Location: Peabody Essex Museum

Beer + Chocolate = Food of the Gods

Long before it was a popular candy bar, chocolate was a beverage, or "food of the gods." Known to the ancient Maya as kakaw (cacao), this drink had profound ritual, economic, and social significance to this culture. Join George Schwartz, Assistant Curator for Exhibitions and Research at PEM, and Alex Whitmore, cofounder of Taza Chocolate, on a tasting journey into the history, culture, and art of Maya chocolate beverages. Attendees will explore its origins as a fermented "beer" in Central America and its religious and social importance as a spiced drink to the Maya.  Discover how it was, and still is, turned from bean to liquid ambrosia and through tasting we will see how it continues to inspire chocolatiers and brewers today.


Attendees will sample seven unique beers and Taza's well renowned stone ground organic chocolate, and also try their hand at creating a drink in the style of the Maya.


Maya inspired cuisine will be served.

List of beers

Theobroma (Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, DE)

Choklat (Southern Tier Brewering Company, Lakewood, NY)

Chocolat (Brasserie Fantôme, Soy, Belgium)

Black Chocolate Stout (The Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, NY)

Double Chocolate Stout (Wells & Young's Brewing Company, Ltd., Bedford, UK)

Two-Headed Beast (High & Mighty Beer Company, Holyoke, MA)

Cocoa Loco Stout (Arcadia Brewing Company, Battle Creek, MI)

List of chocolates

Taza's Stone Ground Chocolate (Somerville, MA) - Chocolate Mexicano Discs - Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Guajillo Chili, Salted Almond, Cacao Puro, and Yerba Mate

Turtle Alley Handmade Chocolates (Gloucester, MA) - Stout Truffle and Chipotle Bark



List of foods


Flatbreads and tortillas with guacamole, cinnamon chile butter and black bean salsa


Chicken Morditas with chipolte creme fraiche


Huevos Rancheros crisp


Mini Beef Burritos


Vegetable Empanadas with cumin corn salsa


Come for a Fiery Pool: The Maya and the Mythic Sea gallery talk at 6:30 pm. (Subject to availability).

The exhibition will be open for viewing from 6 to 9 pm.



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