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Beyond Human: Artist-Animal Collaborations



Saturday, October 19, 2013 from 10am - 4:30pm

Location: Peabody Essex Museum

Come take a walk on the wild side of art as we celebrate the opening of Beyond Human: Artist-Animal Collaborations. Meet contributing artists, learn to dance like a bird, add to our collaborative environmental rangoli and more!



Paws-On Painting | 10 am-12:30 pm | Create Space 2

How would you paint if you had a trunk or claws instead of hands? Try our animal-inspired painting tools and make your mark!


Collaborative Art: Natural Patterns | 10:30 am-4 pm | Atrium

Join environmental artist Gowri Savoor to create a rangoli masterpiece of natural materials. Come back throughout the day to watch the pattern emerge and evolve! 



Painting with Cockroaches | 10:30 am-12:30 pm | Atrium

Beyond Human artist Steven Kutcher demonstrates how he uses a live hissing cockroach to create collaborative artwork.



Elephants Can Paint Too!  | 10:30-11 am | meet at the information desk
For children ages 4 and up with adult

Do elephants learn to paint the same way as kids? What tools do they use? Find out as we read Elephants Can Paint Too! by Katya Arnold and look at paintings made by elephants on display in Beyond Human. 



A Passion for Birds | 11-11:45 am and 1:15-2 pm | Atrium

Artist Henry Lappen studied numerous birds to create the masks and movements that form his dance. Learn how to strike a pose like a sea gull or soar like an eagle in this participatory, comic performance!



Art of the Hive | Noon-3 pm | Create Space 1

Meet beekeeper Barbara Milhender and find out more about the tools and techniques for working with bees. Then create your own beeswax artwork to take home.



Elephants as Artists | 1-1:45 pm | Morse Auditorium
Recommended for preteens through adults
Tickets available day of program

Beyond Human artist Alex Melamid, co-founder of the Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project, and the project's director David Ferris discuss their groundbreaking work with Asian elephants throughout Southeast Asia.



Scratch Theremin: EPIC-Tom
2:30-2:45 pm | performance
2:45-3:15 pm | demonstration
Morse Auditorium
Recommended for ages 8 and up
Tickets available day of program

Beyond Human artist Julie Andreyev worked with her canine Tom using a custom theremin with a rug interface to produce this unique improvisational interspecies performance. She accompanies Tom's pre-recorded vocals and rhythms with her own live theremin performance and visuals. After the world premiere of this performance find out how this instrument works -- think electro-magnetic fields! Made possible by a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.



Bugs in the Movies  | 3:30-4:15 pm | Morse Auditorium
Tickets available day of program

Artist Steven Kutcher works as a bug wrangler for television, commercials and movies, including Spiderman, Matilda and We Bought a Zoo. Enjoy his behind-the-scenes stories of working with insects on camera.


Made possible by The Lowell Institute


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