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Artist Profile: Joni Sternbach
SurfLand PEM, 2009

Joni Sternbach makes her photographs of surfing culture in tintype, a labor-intensive technique that requires the application of chemicals to a metal plate. SurfLand, her first solo exhibition at a major art museum, reveals her fascinating body of work that’s at once historical yet completely contemporary.

Artist Profile: Kenro Izu
Kenro Izu: Sacred Places PEM, 2003
Artist Profile: Creative Exchanges, Sights and Sounds of the Silk Road
© Copyright 2004. The Silk Road Project, Inc.

In 2004, PEM partnered with Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project and hosted Sights and Sounds of the Silk Road, a series of performances and educational and cultural activities that connected the museum’s collections with other forms of creative response. This video was produced as a result of this initiative.

Artist Profile: Gulammohammed Sheikh
ReVisions PEM, 2009

In this video, ReVisions artist Gulammohammed Sheikh talks about his painting In and Out of Story, the inspiration behind it and his use of symbolism. See three other artist interviews in the exhibition gallery.