Self-Centered Mirror

2003; Daniel Rozin; 34 mirror panes, wood; 120” x 30” x 25”; Courtesy of the Jonathon Carroll Collection.

Eye Spy, Playing with Perception

On view June 19, 2010 to May 22, 2011

Located in the: Art & Nature Center

Eye Spy features engaging works that explore the act of perception. Through manipulation of light, form, color and line, leading contemporary artists show viewers how perception is based as much on what we think we should see as on what we actually see. Abstract sculptures create surprisingly recognizable shadows, for example; holographic images fool us into thinking we're seeing 3-D. On view in PEM's interactive Art & Nature Center, Eye Spy encourages visitors to examine how perception and illusion influence the way we interpret the world.

Support provided by the East India Marine Associates (EIMA) of the Peabody Essex Museum.

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Self-Centered Mirror

Self-Centered Mirror

2003; Daniel Rozin; 34 mirror panes, wood; 120” x 30” x 25”; Courtesy of the Jonathon Carroll Collection.

After Renoir

After Renoir

2006; Devorah Sperber; Spools of thread, stainless steel ball chain and hanging apparatus, clear acrylic viewing sphere; 96” x 100” x 60”; Courtesy of the Artist.

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

2007; Yanick Lapuh; oil on wood; 67" x 39" x 2.5 "; Courtesy of the Artist.



2000; Robert Lazzarini; maple; 54” x 26” x 12”; Courtesy of the Artist and Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles

Erect Pose

Erect Pose

2008; Gary Gold; Steel, projected light; 47" x 39” x 12" (sculpture) 67" x 43" x 12" (sculpture with shadow); Courtesy of the Artist.

Part of February School Vacation Week

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