Member Voices

Member Voices

I think the art nurtures me and gives me perspective.

I’m a student at Boston University, doing my MBA. I also have a newborn. On the days I have to do my homework for finance and classes I don’t like, I do it in the museum. I take breaks to look at the artwork and it makes doing my homework so much easier. I think the art nurtures me and gives me perspective. I know that running a museum requires a lot of money and business savvy, but at the Peabody Essex Museum, there’s also a heart.

I’m amazed by the Museum’s breadth of diversity - musical performances, films, all the activities for children. I’ve learned about India and China. Visiting the museum is like going through a tunnel to travel anywhere you want. You can just go in and say, “Today I’m going to Japan.”

- Robson Goulart

Being a member is more enriching.

What’s unique about PEM is its balance. It’s a small town museum with a big personality. I have never been to another museum with such a beautiful Atrium that can be used for all the events. And that’s in addition to the impressive collection of art. The museum is always on the list of things to do when we have visitors.

We joined to be part of the history of the museum and part of the community.

Our dual membership gives us strolling rights. When you pay for a one-time shot you feel pressured to see it all and do it all in one visit. When you’re a member, you can come and go at your own pace.

You have special events and openings, chances to hear from people who created exhibits and lecturers who come in. We love learning new things all the time. You don’t get the same depth when you’re a visitor. Being a member is more enriching.

- Jessica Karlsson & David Zahrieh

The Museum nourishes my family.

We’ve traveled all over the world and have been to a lot of museums but the Peabody Essex is different. It has little nuggets of treasure. There’s always something more to do or see. At PEM, there’s a sense of being in touch with the world — one that we can see and feel and taste.

The museum nourishes my family. Every time we walk in the door, we know there will be surprises for us. PEM has a “wow” factor. One time we saw this beautiful Taj Mahal suspended from the Atrium. We’ve learned how to make mochi sticky rice, talked to a musician who played the erhu. This is the essence of PEM. When my children walk through the doors there’s always a sense of excitement. We know we’ll have fun.

- Rosie Segil

We feel part of the Museum

Gary: One visit here makes you want to join. Every time you come back there’s something a little different, something new. It’s refreshing. We’re both retired teachers. I think kids have fun here, which is what it’s all about. And they’re learning. I see the kids in here enjoying themselves, and I want to be part of it. I bring our grandchildren here.

Joan: We get publications, like Connections magazine and e-mail invitations to specific events. If you have all that information before you visit the museum, it makes your visit more worthwhile because you can prepare yourself mentally. All our friends who aren’t members are always asking what’s going on, will my children like that, what do you recommend? We’re a resource for our friends and relatives.

I also like the fact that the museum reaches out to other venues, like the maritime festival and ECHO programs. That’s the variety that keeps it fresh and attracts visitors. There’s always something new and challenging to make you think.

Gary: For us, membership made sense financially. We were coming here often enough and we’d bring the whole family.

Joan: We feel part of the museum, a sense of ownership. We can talk about and be enthusiastic about it. We encourage people to become members because we think they might enjoy the same experiences.

- Gary and Joan Bush, Members and Docents