Welcome To Polar Year At PEM

Iceberg, 2008, Mary Edna FraserIn celebration of the International Polar Year, PEM is presenting two exhibitions of art and culture that highlight both the Arctic and the Antarctic: Polar Attractions, a contemporary art exhibit in the interactive Art and Nature Center, and To The Ends of The Earth, a major painting exhibition opening in November, 2008.

Through PEM’s online Polar Site, you can become a part of the dialogue about polar regions. The website features:

Polar Ideas Blog: View images and read entries submitted by artists, writers, curators and adventurers. Respond by posting your own comments. Choose a keyword from the Polar Ideas signpost above to get started.

Polar POV Photo Contest: Enter the contest, inspired by the work of Polar Attractions artist Thea Eck, and your photograph could be displayed in the Polar Attractions exhibition!

Go Polar!: Online activities to be added regularly. Listen to sound clips from both poles, learn to fold polar origami, and take action to make a difference.


Journey To The Ends Of The Earth - An interactive slideshow of paintings illustrating the adventure and allure of the polar landscape

Top Right: Iceberg, 2008, by Mary Edna Fraser. Batik. Piece featured in Polar Attractions.