Artist Statement - Thea Eck

Posted on Wednesday, June 18th, 2008 at 1:34 pm | See all Artists' Blogs, Thea Eck Entries.
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There is a depth to the Arctic, its ice, waterways, and land that is both physical and emotional. The Arctic is a space that has been placed within constraints from outsiders, yet its vastness has taken the human imagination well past what is known about this territory. I am drawn to the Arctic’s multiple histories of climate, water, technology, land, animals and intangibles over the centuries. My attraction involves the physical and emotional demands of the Arctic, in order for these histories to exist.

Through the use of Arctic archives, writing, photographs, and objects, I create toy moments, ushering in what may have been or may become. By aiming to create not a fact about the space but a moment, the photographs intersect what I know and what I don’t know. My use of toys allows me to do this without getting too caught up in an analysis of ‘Is this true?’. To play with the toys allows me to ignite my imagination, to invent without being constrained.

There is always something new to create: the characters, the background story, the dilemma, the antagonist, the protagonist, and the land where the moment is taking place. Like a Jules Verne novel from the 1800s, constructed out of toys, the photographs contain a quiet sense of the dramatic: when the hidden photographer has captured the token moment, or the animal has gotten an epiphany about their situation. I place myself within the photographs asking, from whose vantage point am I witnessing this moment? What might be occurring and what might happen next?

Above: Landscape Leak, 2008, by Thea A. Eck. Photograph.
Right: Pipeline, (detail) 2008, by Thea A. Eck. Photograph. Artist Featured in Polar Attractions.

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