Journey To The Ends Of The Earth

Posted on Thursday, November 6th, 2008 at 2:02 pm | See all Human Interaction, Landscape, Seascape Entries.
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In conjunction with To the Ends of the Earth, Painting the Polar Landscape.
On view November 8, 2008 Through March 1, 2009.

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13 Responses to “Journey To The Ends Of The Earth”

  1. Peter Briggs Says:

    An absolutely mesmerising presentation, spare yet powerful. I must see the exhibit!

  2. tracey Says:

    Will the exhibit be traveling to the NY metro area?

  3. Phil Manker Says:

    I’m curious as to why you didn’t also show more contemporary artist’s work that depicts the the arctic landscape, such as painter Adam Cvijanovic, who does some amazing arctic murals, some which wrap around whole rooms, and others on a very large scale, such as his 20′ x 80′ piece at the Hammer Museum in LA in 2005. It’s always nice to see the contrast in style and the artist’s sensibilities over time…

    And, certainly, there should be some encouragement for contemporary artists to record the power and magic of the iceworld, before it recedes, or disappears altogether, with the onslaught of global warming!

  4. Samuel Scott Says:

    Thank you all for your comments so far. I am the curator of “To the Ends of the Earth: Painting the Polar Landscape.” I just wanted to answer some of the questions that have come up.

    tracey- This show will only be staged at the PEM and has no other venues. You’ll just have to get up here before March 1st!

    Phil- “To the Ends of the Earth” features work up to the 1930’s and is meant to showcase how the poles were portrayed through painting when we had a very different understanding of them. We also have a show of contemporary polar artwork, “Polar Attractions” that is running concurrently. So visitors can experience both traditional and contemporary work when they visit.

    -Sam Scott
    Associate Curator of Maritime Art and History
    Peabody Essex Museum

  5. Janet Schaeffer Says:

    Hello Mr. Scott —

    Not a comment, but a question . . . Is there a catalog available for purchase that accompanies this exhibit? Many thanks.

  6. Samuel Scott Says:

    Yes, there is a catalog that can be purchased here:

  7. Jane Salvage Says:

    I read about this show in a newspaper while flying over the Caucasus Mountains - also magnificent and not quite spoiled yet - now checking out your website from back home in London. The show looks stunning and I really regret I shan’t be in the US to see it! But I am going to Norway over New Year so perhaps the Aurora Borealis will shine for me instead. Congratulations!

  8. fran watson Says:

    This is one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever seen. Moving.

  9. rob goldstein Says:

    Dear Mr. Scott,
    I have long had an interest in nineteenth century western renderings of the Arctic, so you can imagine how delighted I was when a friend made me aware recently of your outstanding exhibit. I only wish that I could come to see it in person. Congratulations on your efforts to bring such a fine range of this material together. I own an Arctic landscape in oil, signed and dated 1878, and am attempting to determine whether other Arctic works by the artist are known. Would it be possible to contact you directly to discuss this?
    With all good wishes.

  10. Susan Perrine Says:

    Saw the polar landscape exhibit on MLK Day. So happy you find museum open on holiday and

    Wow spectacular opportunity to see images from Endurance artist, George Marsten!

    thank you

    Susan, Receptionist, Peary MacMillan Arctic Museum Bowdoin College, Brunswick ME

  11. Susan Perrine Says:

    Saw the polar landscape exhibit on MLK Day. So happy to find the museum open on holiday.

    Wow, spectacular opportunity to see images from Endurance artist, George Marsten!

    Susan, Receptionist at Peary MacMillan Arctic Museum Bowdoin College, Brunswick ME

  12. Toni Moreno Says:

    I am a Salem resident and I have been enjoying exhibits at the PEM for years but this one is just breathtaking. I have every intention of getting back to see it one more time before it’s gone! Thank you.

    As a side note I also enjoyed the comment a prior visitor left in the comment book. It is in a child’s writing and simply suggested that you add more animals to the paintings. So you might want to get on that. ;)

  13. Jim Says:

    I saw the show this morning, Wed., 18 Feb. It was a great show and I wished it were going to be on the walls longer so that I could get back to it. It was quite something to turn around from admiring Rockwell Kents complex simplicity to see that wall of a painting. Thankn you.

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