Caribou Migration

Posted on Saturday, June 21st, 2008 at 1:52 pm | See all Wildlife Entries.
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Caribou Migration II, Oil and The Caribou Series, 2002, by Subhankar Banerjee. Photograph. Piece featured in Polar Attractions.

“The coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the core calving area of the Porcupine River caribou herd. It is also the most debated public land in the United States history - whether to open up this land to oil and gas development or to preserve it has been raging in the halls of the United States Congress for over thirty years. This caribou herd has symbolized the Arctic Refuge - both for its ecological and cultural significance. Individual caribou from this herd may travel more than three thousand miles during their yearly movements, making it one of the longest terrestrial migrations of any land animal on the planet.” -Subhankar Banerjee

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