Spitsbergen, Svalbard

Posted on Thursday, June 19th, 2008 at 12:24 pm | See all Landscape Entries.
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Spitsbergen Spitsbergen

SPITSBERGEN, by Gautier Deblonde. A photographic series.

“This is a photographic project that consists of a series of landscapes, a landscape which is now undergoing major disruption at the hands of both man made pollutants and a natural warming trend, and portraits of the people living there.”

Spitsbergen“This is an outstanding, but unforgiving environment, in which humans are put under great pressure. The temperature does not rise above 10 degrees Celsius during the summer and can fall below -40 degrees Celsius during the winter. The people in the Spitsbergen live for four months a year in perpetual darkness, between November to March and perpetual daylight between April and September.

This photographic project shows the significant importance this series of small islands, and the necessity of its preservation. It also serves as a reminder to people that our climate is changing, and that without a doubt it will affect them personally and profoundly, wherever they live. The portrait series illustrates how people will have to adapt as and when the climate will change more dramatically in the next few decades, as research by the very scientists pictured indicates it will.”-Gautier Deblonde


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