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      PEMcast 35, Part 2: William Bentley as Curious Collector and Consultant

      Part 2 of the PEMcast on Reverend William Bentley looks at how his collecting and consulting helped form PEM.

      37 Min Listen


      PEMcast 35: The Curious Life of Reverend William Bentley

      The PEMcast looks at the life and legacy of Salem's Reverend William Bentley.

      39 MIN LISTEN


      PEMcast 34: Hanging with Bats

      In this episode, we give much respect and appreciation to bats as vital living beings on the planet. Join host Dinah Cardin, curator Jane Winchell and local artist Maia Mattson. The episode takes us foraging for plants in Salem, looking for bats in California and under a night sky in Maine.

      34 MIN LISTEN


      PEMcast 33: Time traveling with Curious Objects

      For this episode, we've turned the PEMcast over to the Curious Objects podcast. Host Ben Miller wanders through our collection with curators and experts to find stories that span time and the globe.

      1 HR 22 MIN LISTEN


      PEMcast 28: Drawn to Place

      This episode of the PEMcast looks at what makes some places magnetic. Libraries, museums, certain cultural experiences. Why are we drawn to them? We talk with Canadian artist Shelagh Keeley about her current exhibition at PEM, as well as PEM Curators Trevor Smith and Karina Corrigan.

      37 MIN LISTEN


      PEMcast 32: Restoring Justice after the Salem Witch Trials

      In this episode of the PEMcast we go behind the scenes of PEM's latest Salem Witch Trials exhibition. We examine objects that belonged to the Salem Puritans and attempts to restore justice from the 17th century to today.

      24 MIN LISTEN

      Dinah Cardin creating a PEMcast wit Steven Mallory


      Welcome to the PEMcast, conversations and stories for the culturally curious.

      Host Dinah Cardin takes podcast listeners behind the scenes for stories about the museum that can't be found anywhere else.

      Launched in 2014, PEMcast won a Silver Muse Award from the American Alliance of Museums. The judges commended us on conveying the warmth and vibrant curiosity of PEM's staff, while linking the museum and our offerings to broader cultural issues.

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      Explore PEM Walks, an audio postcard series that takes you into these remarkable structures with hosts Dinah Cardin, PEM’s Content Producer, and Steven Mallory, Manager of Historic Structures.