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      Enjoy stories and conversations for the culturally curious, written by museum staff, guest contributors, interns, fellows and more.

      Blog & Pemcast

      Connected Blog

      Local wolves & global creativity: Behind the scenes of Our Time on Earth

      10 min read

      Unpacking the images and papers of photographer Sam Chamberlain

      PEM's Phillips Library staff go through the papers and images of photographer Sam Chamberlain.

      6 min read

      A Word with Gio Swaby

      Gio Swaby shares behind the scenes of her new exhibition at PEM, Fresh Up.

      8 min read

      Traveling Merchants Come Home: The Mid-Autumn Festival at Yin Yu Tang

      On the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Chinese people celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

      6 min read

      Salem community leaders share a few of their favorite things

      Former Mayor Kim Driscoll and other Salem community leaders share their favorite PEM objects.

      18 Min read

      More stories

      Behind the scenes of PEM’s Witch Trials Walk

      8 min read

      Creativity Meets Sustainability in the PEM Shop

      6 min read

      The Adventures of Salem’s Frederick Townsend Ward, from Salem Seaman to Soldier for China

      9 min read

      Yin Yu Tang: A Chinese House

      Explore a 200-year-old Chinese house, disassembled in Anhui Province and reconstructed brick by brick in Salem.


      PEMcast 34: Hanging with Bats

      In this episode, we give much respect and appreciation to bats as vital living beings on the planet. Join host Dinah Cardin, curator Jane Winchell and local artist Maia Mattson. The episode takes us foraging for plants in Salem, looking for bats in California and under a night sky in Maine.

      34 min listen

      PEMcast 32: Restoring Justice after the Salem Witch Trials

      In this episode of the PEMcast we go behind the scenes of PEM's latest Salem Witch Trials exhibition. We examine objects that belonged to the Salem Puritans and attempts to restore justice from the 17th century to today.

      24 Min Listen

      Following the Thread: PEMcast 30

      30 min listen

      PEMcast 26: Our Current Climate

      32 Min Listen

      PEMcast 19: The Legacy of Salem's Witch Trials

      25 min listen